With the Acquisition of Steven Charles, Dessert Holdings Strengthens Its Foothold in North America

In the early 1980s, Steven Fabos ran a small bakery in Los Angeles known for its cheesecakes. Around the same time, Paul Lapadat was embarking on his journey in the food industry. The two passionate men were strangers back then. Both were unaware of their future impact on the commercial baking industry.

Fabos launched a renowned dessert company, Dessert Holdings, specializing in innovative gourmet creations. Lapadat embarked on a prolific career in executive management, leading prominent companies. Throughout the years, both men were in different areas of the U.S., yet their paths would align.

Currently, Lapadat is the Chief Executive Officer of Dessert Holdings, based in St. Paul, MN. Lapadat has seen tremendous success in his career. He has built the largest global manufacturer of commercial baked goods. His executive resume includes General Mills, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra. Throughout his career, Lapadat developed expertise in snacks. His entrepreneurial spirit and belief in innovation brought him to his apex today.

Dessert Holdings is the parent to some of the most influential and premium brands. Four companies, including Steven Charles, sit underneath Dessert Holdings and Lapadat’s leadership.

The company is also parent to The Original Cakerie, Lawler’s Foods, and Atlanta Cheesecake Company. The portfolio delivers the most exclusive and compelling brands across North America. Dessert Holdings continues to pivot and drive the commercial baking industry with brands like Steven Charles.

Fabos created Steven Charles with his business partner, Charles Kosmont. Their focus was on innovation through creating and crafting gourmet sweets. The vision of Fabos and Kosmont was to build a premium brand rooted in unparalleled desserts. Now, Rebecca O’Hara is the president of this innovative bakery.

Over the past three years, O’Hara has been on the front lines of making the dream a reality. She has been a catalyst in expanding the bakery’s private label products and services. O’Hara has been at the forefront of making Steven Charles a global supplier of premium baked goods. The brand also produces to-go treats for several quick-service restaurants known worldwide.

Commercial Solutions by Steven Charles 

Steven Charles looks forward to a sweet future. Our innovative brand is excited to have the ability to expand and grow the market. We can continue to meet the high demands of the commercial baking industry in North America. Read the full article about Steven Charles and Dessert Holdings in Commercial Baking.