Why Restaurants Should Outsource Desserts

The best restaurants have palate-pleasing cuisines and deliver a memorable culinary experience. After the perfect meal, a restaurant can end the experience on an even higher note with an enticing dessert menu. Leaving a lasting impression on diners with an exquisite dessert will keep them coming back.

Outsourcing desserts offers benefits to your restaurant and frees up time. You can let your talented chefs focus on crafting your featured dishes while others provide perfect desserts that align with your brand.

Obstacles Restaurants Face When Preparing Desserts In-House

Adding pastry chefs and an in-house dessert line can hinder your restaurant’s profitability, increase labor costs, and decrease productivity. Finessing gourmet desserts takes time — your chefs will have more to do and can be stretched too thin.

Your restaurant will need a devoted space for a dessert line and a space to store the ingredients and finished plates separately, which can become costly. When busy, smaller kitchens get crowded and can obstruct restaurant operations. Since preparing premium sweets requires time and resources, outsourcing desserts will improve your restaurant’s efficiency and cut expenses.

The Art of Making High-Quality Desserts Requires Great Expertise

Premium sweets require skills that extend beyond standard baking and cooking. High-quality desserts require training and talent because the sophisticated craft of making high-end desserts combines art with science. Trained chefs know how to add delicate details, creative touches, and painting techniques, like airbrushing.

Low-Profit Margins

Freshly made desserts require costly ingredients, and some have a short shelf life. The most talented pastry chefs use at least five components in an average plate. Traditional desserts will feature mousse, dough, ganache, ice cream, and a garnish.

Production times vary based on the level of complexity and number of desserts needed. Preparing the menu items in-house creates longer ticket times in the kitchen. Leaving your guests waiting for their dessert will leave them dissatisfied.

Sharing Equipment

Sharing equipment with the rest of the kitchen staff, especially refrigerators and freezers, can create numerous problems. For most kitchens, it’s also the only way to add in-house premium desserts to the menu.

Cross-contamination is a major health concern in a fast-paced kitchen. Desserts made in-house require extra care. To prepare them, you’ll need ample space to prevent cross-contamination and stop other scents from affecting their quality. You’ll also need to take pains to track inventory properly, which is made more difficult in a shared area.

We Make Desserts People Love and Remember

Steven Charles reaches for perfection in every bite of our delectable desserts. Your guests will be unable to resist our gourmet innovations. We use the highest-quality ingredients to craft desserts people love and remember.

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What Makes Steven Charles Unique and the Right Choice for You?

Our passion is gourmet desserts. Steven Charles has been innovating thousands of iconic and exquisite restaurant creations for over 25 years for diners worldwide. With the help of a team of culinary innovators and some of the world’s best pastry chefs, we carefully craft our sophisticated desserts, transforming baked goods into culinary art. Our culinary experts specialize in different fields to meet your individual needs, supporting you throughout the entire process to serve quality desserts.

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Our experts keep their fingers on the pulse of the dessert industry. Each team member is dedicated to culinary excellence. We give your customers an experience to remember.

Elevate Your Brand

Your restaurant can serve picture-perfect and delectable pastries to guests. Customers tend to post images of beautifully crafted desserts on social media. You get free advertising when patrons share their positive and memorable experiences. Word of mouth is a powerful and organic way to elevate your brand, bringing more people in to visit your restaurant and explore your dessert menu.

We keep in touch with our clients and track their success. After partnering with us, clients see increased sales and improved customer experiences.

We work to craft branding and products that resonate with your guests. Our private label clients report business growth and market expansion.

Work With a Seasoned Dessert Company

A restaurant is a challenging business, but working with a seasoned dessert company streamlines your daily operations. It lowers costs without the need for new hires or a dedicated work area. If you have a small kitchen, the staff doesn’t have to share equipment — this decreases the risk of cross-contamination or unwanted flavors affecting dessert quality. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, Steven Charles can help you create a gourmet dessert menu that enhances your brand and elevates your dining experience. Take the very first step toward mastering dessert perfection. Get in touch with our culinary innovators today!