What Are the Best-Selling Desserts for Restaurants?

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You spot your favorite dessert on the menu and now your dining experience is complete. Before dining out, many customers look at a restaurant’s website for information. An attractive dessert menu will entice diners to your restaurant. 

The perfect dessert after an incredible meal leaves a lasting impression on guests. Positive dining experiences increase the likelihood of return visits, driving revenue.

Steven Charles has 25 years of experience providing innovative solutions for restauranteurs. We work with our clients to design gourmet desserts for their menus. Steven Charles has crafted thousands of iconic restaurant creations. You can choose our signature desserts or have us develop customized menu options. Our culinary experts will work with you to bring your vision to life.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top seven best-selling desserts every restaurant should offer. 

7. Fudge Brownies

Soft and gooey fudge brownies are the ultimate desserts for any chocolate lover. The batter is made in a few simple steps, then baked in the oven. Ingredients include unsweetened baking chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, and salt.

Believe it or not, brownies come in three different forms. People are most familiar with the chewy version, which has a thicker crust. There is also a cake version, which offers a fluffy texture, and fudge, which is rich and chocolatey.

After tasting the different types, many people fall in love with the fudge recipe. These brownies make one of the best-selling desserts for restaurants. Pair this delicious chocolate treat with vanilla ice cream for guests to enjoy.

6. Classic New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake has a smoother and creamier texture than other styles. This dessert also has a more distinct crust, using cookies or graham crackers with butter. The renowned restaurant Junior’s uses sponge cake in their recipe. 

A lot of cream cheese is the key to making Classic New York Cheesecake. Other ingredients include sour or heavy cream, eggs, and egg yolks. The incredibly smooth filling and unique crust make this dessert taste heavenly.

Restaurants typically serve New York cheesecake plain or with a fruit reduction. A berry sauce adds flavor and presentation to this dessert. Many menus feature this incredibly creamy and popular dessert.

5. Mixed Berry Mousse

Mixed berry mousse is ideal for anyone who loves fruit and wants something light and airy. This dessert uses a blend of blackberries, blueberries, and either raspberries or strawberries. No baking is required, and this dessert uses only a few other ingredients.

Add lemon zest, sugar, cream cheese, unflavored gelatin, heavy cream, and a pinch of salt. After eating a gourmet meal, mixed berry mousse is perfect for guests who don’t want something heavy.

You can serve this fruity dessert in a small bowl, espresso cup, flute, or martini glass. Top the aesthetic mousse with whipped cream and a few fresh berries. 

4. Italian Tiramisú

Nearly every Italian restaurant offers Tiramisu — an elegant, layered dessert using ladyfingers. The coffee flavor makes it a perfect ending to a hearty meal. This classic Italian dessert has a custard mixture and is topped with cocoa powder.

Dipping the ladyfingers in espresso instead of coffee makes the Tiramisu more flavorful. The recipe also calls for mascarpone cheese, eggs, and sugar to fill the creamy layers. An Italian tradition is to order a shot of espresso along with the Tiramisu.

Restaurants that offer other gourmet cuisines can also serve this dish. Italian Tiramisu always ends a dining experience on a high note.

3. Lemon Meringue Pie

Give diners a slice of Americana with this traditional and best-selling dessert. Lemon meringue pie has a tart-flavored filling and an airy whipped topping. The short pastry crust is flaky and made with butter. 

Meringue uses egg whites, cream of tartar, granulated sugar, and salt. The recipe also calls for egg yolks, water, cornstarch, lemon juice, and zest.

The dessert features a frothy meringue with golden billows and lemon custard. This pie has always been an American favorite, so restaurants commonly offer it. Add a refreshing, tangy, and sweet slice to your menu. 

2. Honey Baklava

Honey baklava is a sweet pastry with Greek, Middle Eastern, and Turkish origins. Layers of crunchy phyllo have a soft filling that can be customized. Traditionally, the dessert has various nuts, honey, citrus, and spices. 

The paper-thin phyllo dough is soaked in honey and can be stuffed with pistachios. A sweet citrus syrup finishes it off. You can fragrance the baklava with rose and orange blossom water. 

The flavorful combinations and textures of honey baklava complement a delicious, savory meal. This dessert is a must-have for restaurants for diners who love Mediterranean cuisines. Honey baklava is mouth-watering and sends your taste buds on a culinary journey.

1. Cakeballs

One of the best-selling desserts for restaurants is cakeballs. These bite-size spheres are coated in chocolate and filled with cake. Cakeballs are decorated with sprinkles and drizzles for presentation.

After a fulfilling meal, diners may be unable to eat an entire piece of cake. Cakeballs deliver the perfect sweetness and portion size. You can offer a scoop of ice cream with this delicious dessert.

Common flavors include:

  • Dark Chocolate Cake Ball: Chocolate cake is combined with sweet and rich vanilla buttercream. A white chocolate drizzle and white sprinkles top the dark chocolate coating.
  • Milk Chocolate Cake Ball: Moist chocolate cake is mixed with vanilla buttercream and coated in milk chocolate. Dark chocolate drizzle and chocolate sprinkles top this triple threat of chocolate.
  • White Chocolate Cake Ball: Not as rich as dark or milk chocolate, sweet white chocolate encases vanilla cake and buttercream. It’s finished with a milk chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. 

How To Design a Balanced Dessert Menu

Most people have a few favorite desserts, but you want to make sure you offer something for all diners. Restaurants with a balanced menu see higher profits. Having a unique dessert that a guest wants to try or a classic that they love will lead them to order.

Here are tips on how to design a balanced dessert menu that caters to your diners.

Offer a Variety of Desserts

Offering a variety of desserts accommodates many diners who visit your restaurant. Everyone has different preferences. Restaurants cannot simply carry every dessert available, of course, so choosing the perfect variety is key.

Design a menu featuring both hot and cold desserts with different textures. Some diners prefer crunch, while others may want a soft and spongy sweet. You also need to consider light and airy desserts for your restaurant.

Tailoring the menu to suit all guests is a differentiating factor that sets you apart. Restaurants that recognize the importance of desserts see more success.

Consider Those Who Have Dietary Restrictions

Excluding diners with health restrictions can negatively affect your brand. Restaurants must offer vegan and gluten-free desserts on their menus. Also, weight-conscious diners may want something light and healthy.

Certain desserts offer gluten-free versions, like mousse or brownies. Vegan chocolate cake is always in high demand. Light desserts with fruit are better for any diners on a diet.

Restaurants also need to consider food allergies. Peanuts, milk, and eggs are some of the most common ingredients that cause reactions.

Be a Dessert Innovator

Creating signature desserts for your restaurant will create a truly unique experience for your guests. Offering your own creations can associate your brand with delightful, innovative desserts.

Surprise your diners and appeal to new ones by making desserts that look and taste delicious. Create an innovative menu for your restaurant with various textures and flavors. Having irresistible desserts will grow your business and become synonymous with your brand.

How Steven Charles Can Help You Sell the Most Popular Desserts

Many restaurateurs focus on their cuisines and never revisit their dessert menu. With new insight into best-selling items, you may want to design a new dessert menu or improve your existing one.

Steven Charles believes that gourmet desserts are a way of life. With 25 years of experience, we are behind some of the most iconic restaurant creations. Our pastry chefs are culinary innovators and trendsetters. We can help you serve memorable desserts in your restaurant.

We can work with you to create custom or branded menu offerings for your restaurant. For a simpler solution, Steven Charles also makes a line of signature desserts. Whatever services you need, our team of culinary experts can help. 

Steven Charles will work with your restaurant to deliver an indelible dining experience. We can help you grow your business and improve your operations. Our culinary innovators love designing incredibly delicious and memorable dessert menus.Take the first step toward dessert perfection. Get in touch.