The Sweetest Life
by Steven Charles

Culinary Adventures for Your Customers

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Discerning Retailers and Restaurateurs Choose Steven Charles Desserts

You work hard to make sure your retail or restaurant brand reflects your style and high standards. So do we. That’s why Steven Charles – A Dessert Company is the natural choice for sophisticated gourmet brands that demand high quality and quantity.

Your Own Private Label

Gourmet Desserts That Elevate Your Brand

The language of sweetness is universal — that delighted sigh after the first bite needs no translation. Your discerning patrons won’t be able to resist our gourmet innovations made from the highest quality ingredients for over 25 years. Each delectable treat is crafted with precision and passion — so your customers can indulge in style.

After working with us to craft products and branding that resonate with their customers, our private label clients report new revenue streams, expanded market influence, and an enhanced customer experience. Delectable desserts make your brand memorable.

Product Development

Branded Gourmet Treats Crafted for Your Loyal Customers

We live and breathe gourmet desserts. Our team of highly creative culinary innovators specialize in developing, packaging, and marketing gourmet desserts for restaurant and retail clients seeking unique selections. Over the last 25 years, we’ve crafted and commercialized dessert selections for clients — domestic and international.

Our team of discerning product managers, packaging designers, marketers, and sales specialists are well-versed in the demands and trends of the dessert industry and are determined to develop a scrumptious dessert your customers will remember.

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