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Lately, edible cookie dough is appearing everywhere.  Early 2016, Starbucks was first to the market to introduce an edible cookie dough cake pop.  Since then edible cookie dough has been emerging in new and unique formats, from cookie dough inspired desserts like cookie dough cheesecake to simply being scooped into a waffle cone just like you would serve ice cream. 

The resurgence of nostalgic desserts (desserts that are reminiscent of childhood) coupled with hybrid/mash-up desserts only trending upwards, together, are driving a good deal of cookie dough’s recent popularity. Though, cookie dough has been no stranger to desserts.   Cookie dough has always been a favorite ice cream flavor.  It’s no surprise that specialty cookie dough shops like DŌ (NYC) or Birthdae Cake (LA) have Millennials and Z Gens creating lines so massive they circle the building two-times over. 

Chefs spanning all of foodservice, from fine dining to fast food, are excitedly experimenting with novel ways to present the ever-quickly growing edible cookie dough trend.   You’ll find cookie dough as its own stand-alone dessert served perhaps with a glass of cold milk or an espresso.   Cookie dough is also a fantastic way to refresh a traditional dessert on the menu – garnish a traditional dessert, like cheesecake or a brownie, with a couple of scoops of edible cookie dough to create a trend-worthy Limited Time Offer (LTO) that requires limited BOH effort.  Or, go all out, and develop a dessert that is cookie dough centric where for example the frosting layers of a cake are replaced with edible cookie dough.  The ideas are limitless with how to incorporate edible cookie into desserts. 

Cookie Dough Bites


Cookie Dough Brownie


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Where you’ll find cookie dough on the menu –

Sonic Cookie Dough Custard Concrete

Starbucks Cookie Dough Cake Pop

DŌ Cookie Dough Waffle Cone

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If the cookie dough trend has inspired you, allow our chefs to collaborate with you on your next dessert offering, please reach out to and we'll put in touch with one of our account representatives to assist you further. 

NOTE: Edible cookie dough is deemed safe for consumption as the recipe typically calls for heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs.  The lack of raw egg and the combination of these two ingredients (heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs) creates a safe to consume cookie dough product.