We are pioneers of creating premium desserts at mass scale for foodservice. For over 20 years, SROriginals has been servicing foodservice by innovating some of the most legendary desserts in the industry.  Together, we’ll craft desserts that complement the anticipated seasonal and annual changes that take place with your overall menu. Our team of dessert innovators partners with you to deliver dessert solutions that drive incremental sales and guest satisfaction.  We share market research and consumer insights that offer customized perspective on your market and your future opportunities. This combined with the talents of our chefs and food scientists guarantee desirable, delicious, desserts that increase check averages and delight your guests. 

We serve all segments of foodservice including - 

  • Full Service Restaurants (FSR)
  • Limited Service Restaurants (LSR)
  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
  • Broadline Distribution
  • Customized Solutions

We always put innovation before production and will modify our processes to ensure we create the dessert that was envisioned by you.  

Unlimited Options

Any portion or size. Any shape or form.  Any design.

Solutions that fit your needs:

  • Pre-Portioned
  • Whole  Bulk
  • Pre-Baked
  • Thaw and Serve
  • Heat and Serve  
  • and much more.

Back Of House Operations

We partner with you to create a dessert that exceeds all your customer’s expectations without overwhelming your back of house operations.   Your dessert solution is always created with your operational footprint in mind to ensure exceptional execution each and every time.