Your Desserts. Your Way.

At SROriginals, our approach to creating your desserts is simple. We focus on you. Your unique needs. Your menu. Your schedule. We’re dedicated to making you stand out from your competition.

Chef Driven Innovation

We strive to push the envelope and embrace innovation and creativity.   This is so instinctually built into our culture that our Research and Development team is coined Innovation and Development (I&D). 

The Innovation and Development Team features pastry chefs and talented food scientists including an industry superstar who has personally crafted numerous legendary desserts, and a European pastry chef with a specialization in large scale production.  Together, we imagine and create some of the world’s most renowned and favorite desserts.

We share with you perspective on market trends and consumer insights. Our goal is to develop a dessert that fits your overall culinary strategy and brand.

This is our secret to successfully making a One Of a Kind - EVERY TIME dessert for you!

Discover Your Signature Dessert

Baked to


This is our promise to actively collaborate with our partners and suppliers to create wholesome baked goods using only high quality ingredients that are safe and thoughtfully sourced. We are dedicated to using ingredients and processes that are respectful of their environmental and social impact. We strive to inspire continued demand for more transparency in ingredient sourcing, production practices, and the food industry as a whole.


Our bakeries were designed with nimbleness in mind to accommodate our innovative approach to product development.   Each of our facilities offers flexible production capabilities that allow us to efficiently and effectively cater to your unique needs.   Be it long runs or short runs. Whole desserts or individually portioned.  We scale to your requests.

Speed to Market

Speed-to-Market at SROriginals is often synonymous with First-to-Market. We will work with you to grow your position in the market place and be on trend.   Our efficient product innovation process is designed to quickly bringing ideas to market – allowing you to secure your place in the market as a trend-setter and industry leader.


Food Safety and Quality

We are committed to holding the highest level of food safety and quality in the industry.  All our bakeries are SQF Level 3 certified maintaining a good to high score.   This certification is your assurance that your products all have passed rigorous international standards for food quality and safety, including GMP and HACCP.  In addition, we hold daily product reviews from each run with particular focus on sensory analysis versus control sample.

Partner Happiness

Delivering exceptional results for our partners is in our core.  It is what drives us to make the impossible possible.   We strive to have happy and satisfied partners, which mean we provide you with what you need, when you need it, how you need it.  Our goal is to always offer prompt and informative responses that allow you to always be one step ahead.



With thousands of new recipe ideas, a development team known for its talent, experience and depth, and a long-term commitment to quality and service, SROriginals is much more than simply a supplier. We want to be a partner in your success!

Your Dessert Partner

Let SROriginals be a resource for you, helping create dramatic signature offerings that distinguish you in the marketplace and make an impression on your customers.

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