About Us

Our Heritage. Our Story.


About Us, Our Story

For over 20 years, SROriginals (Steven Roberts Original Desserts) has been the premium dessert supplier to all segments of foodservice and retail ISB.  Founded in 1995, Steven-Robert Originals, LLC, is a privately held company, owned by Charles Kosmont and Steven Fabos.   SROriginals is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a secondary location in Pembroke, North Carolina.   Our dedication to innovation and research has won us numerous industry awards for superior service, high quality products, and exceptional new product development. 

SROriginals develops and produces a broad line of innovative, premium frozen desserts that are One-of-a-Kind Every Time. SROriginals sells their dessert creations directly to restaurants, hotels, theaters, and grocery stores. Some of the best-known brands in the United States rely on SROriginals.


With thousands of new recipe ideas, a development team known for its talent, experience and depth, and a long-term commitment to quality and service, SROriginals is much more than simply a supplier. We want to be a partner in your success.

Passion Statement

More than a mission or a purpose. It’s a passion.

Our PASSION is to CREATE the world’s most enjoyable DESSERTS to bring people TOGETHER and CELEBRATE life’s SWEET moments.

Our Core Values

1. Treat Everyone with Integrity, Dignity and Respect.
2. Dependable, Reliable and Accountable from Top to Bottom.
3. Driven by Innovation and Development.
4. Focused on Delivery of Safe and Quality Food.
5. Deliver Results for Company Growth.
6. Commit to Communication and Teamwork.
7. Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity.