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The Steven Roberts Original Desserts bakery specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of premium, proprietary bakery products for the restaurant industry. Renowned for its creativity and quality, Steven Roberts Original Desserts produces the industry's best cheesecakes, layer cakes, pies and tarts. Our premium specialty items include tiramisu, mousses, bombes and unique "mini" desserts, and our Classic Cookie division produces a wide variety of cookies, bars, brownies and other specialty items.

All Steven Roberts Original Desserts are baked with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and delivered fresh to your restaurants, providing delicious, tempting, high-value menu options that your customers will love.

Our exceptionally talented and experienced team can produce specialty "lifestyle" desserts that may be minimally processed, organic, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free or low-carb, for your ingredient-conscious or diet-restricted customers.

Steven Roberts Original Desserts works exclusively as a direct supplier to restaurants, retail grocery chains, hotels, theaters and B&I. Many of our relationships are decades old, built on our three tenets of quality, integrity and personalized service. The company does not contract with brokers.